10 Best Kitchen Design Companies in Lebanon

We made the research for you and we have found you the 10 best Kitchen Design companies in Lebanon, find below our review for each company:

1-Maison Et Parquets

In addition to its main 4 floors showroom located at Sin El Fil Boulevard, Maison et Parquets opened its new showroom in Jounieh on Sarba Highway.

Sin El Fil Branch:

Jounieh Branch:

It showcases a large selection of European luxury products including wood slabs, flooring and kitchens.

Customers will enjoy the flourish lavish feeling with the first class facilities and interior design!

Fenix NTM

Maison et Parquets are the exclusive agents for the Italian brand Fenix NTM a revolutionary material that has the ability to heal micro-scratches on its surface.

When you accidently scratch your kitchen all you have to do is wipe it with a sponge and the surface will restore itself to its original form. So Imagine having a kitchen that will stay brand new forever!

Not only is this material well ahead of the curve in terms of surface technology but its super-matte esthetics and wide range of application possibilities make it an important addition to our interiors.

It is resistant to fingerprint marks, dry heat, mold, acid solvents and household reagents. It also has enhanced anti-bacterial properties make it a surface solution for healthcare and hospitality as well as kitchens.

The new self-healing material is available exclusively at Maisons et Parquets!

Dupont Corian

Dupont Corian countertops and elegant natural wood give your kitchen a classy edge.

Its unique effects of color, texture, and light play in elegant counterpoint against kitchen design elements wrought of wood and glass. Drop by “ Maisons et Parquets” to see more.

Corian® is non-porous, so stains cannot penetrate its surface. With proper cleaning, Corian® also resists the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria.


With Dupont Corian the option for combining shapes, levels, dowtruns, edge details, colors, and materials are limitless. Designed to offer choice and adaptability, Corian can be counted to play any par within a scheme.

In the hands of the expert fabricators, it can flow smoothly from breakfast bar to countertops, shelves to backlit display systems and so much more.

Tel: 01 492 668

2-Hajj Design Concept

Hajj Design Concept has been founded on June 2018. They are specialized in creating kitchens and Bedrooms at affordable prices. With a wide experience their network is vast! From architects and builders to artists and brokers, they got every step of the process covered!

Tel: + (961) 76-653 212

3-My Kitchen

My Kitchen was established in 2004, kitchens prices are starting $2000.
The collection includes classic, traditional, contemporary & modern kitchen and wardrobes. My Kitchen sells a full German product with a custom made design.


Tel: +961 70 312 315

Tel: +961 1 487 815


4-Kitchen and Home Design

Kitchen & Home Design is part of a big industrial group  giving 3 years warranty on their kitchens.
Kitchen & Home Design will install your kitchen within 1 week only. All parts supplied by Kitchen & Home Design  have a 3 years warranty covering any defect.
Working for well-known companies as IPOLITO & Botta s.n.c.

Kitchen & Home Design have a team of interior designers are specialized with creativity and conceptual working.
The brands sold by Kitchen & Home Design are imported from Spain.  Italy, Turkey.

Address: Itani Building – Ground Floor Chiyah (Old Saida Road),Bareed – Ain el Remaneh Crossroad



OAK KICHEN DESIGN have more than 10 years experience in creating elegant kitchens.

Jounieh, new Sarba street, Bouez center
Tel: +961 9 63 99 68 – +961 81 66 75 77


Meker has been in the Lebanese market for more than 40 years.

The production unit is more than 9000 m2  located in  Beirut and able to produce any design.

Main branch is located in Sin El Fil with exhibition space of 2000 m2 showcasing more than 20 kitchens, including tables and chairs, and a space for wardrobes.

First branch: Jisr el Wati – Sin el Fil
Tel: +961 1 493 177

Second Branch: Imm Turk,Houch el Omara, Zahle
Tel : +961 8 806 131


7-Cherfan Design

Address: Zouq, Zouk Mosbeh
Phone: 09 222 340

8-Cuisine Schmidt

Address: Zalka Highway, Facing Mike Sport، Zard Building ( KIA Motor Trade), 2nd floor,Zalka
Phone: 01 902 626


Address: Saloumeh، Sin El Fil
Phone: 01 481 719