Kitchen Design Lebanon

Green Technology

At Kitchen Design Lebanon, delivering green kitchens is not a pattern, or a choice – it’s a lifestyle! For a considerable length of time, we have been creating only green items – this is the way we keep up an ideal union between defending the earth and a definitive look after the strength of our customers:

Our marine level (water evidence) bureau box development is made of 100% post-utilization reused wood. It is FSC confirmed (Forest Stewardship Council).

Our items have without a doubt the most minimal formaldehyde outflows in the industry*.

All the wood we are utilizing comes solely from supportable sources (cultivated trees, not old development backwoods).

We cling to naturally well-disposed practices in our creation line and in our different generation offices. Since July of 2010, Kitchen Design Lebanon, is utilizing sunlight based vitality, created from its own sun oriented vitality framework.

* In Europe, as far as possible (of gas discharge) is up to 0.1 ppm (parts per million), and the board that qualified is called E1. In Japan the arrangement of the emanations in boards are sorted from F* to F****.