Kitchen Design Lebanon

About us

Kitchen Design Lebanon has been creating extravagance current kitchens since 1956 and is known for its range and nature of materials. As one of the finest Italian kitchen design firms, they are resolved to innovative work, remain in front of patterns, conveying new completes and ideas to the portfolio every year. Cutting edge kitchen and shower designs offer exceedingly individual decisions and take into account more prominent innovativeness in the design. The design group plan to make the most ideal design arrangements blending superlative usefulness and design with top-spec materials for a definitive proclamation in mold and style.

Interesting elements:

Kitchen Design Lebanon is an innovator in the business – the designs are constantly exceptional and crisp and are certain to end up plainly a work of art and to get replicated by numerous different makers.

Adaptability: Different reaches can be consolidated to make a totally one of a kind kitchen. On the off chance that the customer requires a unit outside of the standard secluded components the organization will offer a ‘made to fit’ administration.

Kitchen Design Lebanon offers bespoke (custom) shading administration – customers are solicited to give an example from the required shading and lacquering can be definitely coordinated to the specimen.

Eco-accreditations: Kitchen Design Lebanon utilizes 100% post utilization, reused wood and eco well-disposed materials. The item has indisputably the most minimal measure of formaldehyde in the business.

Aftercare: Kitchen Design Lebanon gives manuals and cleaning units to customers to guarantee the kitchen is kept up all through its life expectancy and any authority materials are taken care of appropriately.

7 year guarantee as standard (2+5).